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My online friend is a "slave" to his girlfriend help him?
he does watever his gf says wenever she says it no matter wat it is were they are or how humiliating it is

examples: during lunch at school he buys her lunch instead of buying his own then rubs her feet until the bell rings for next class, she has him act like her pet dog *walk on four legs bark/whimper be at her feet ect", once made him polish her toe nails during class *they had a horiblely neglectant substitute that day*, she makes him carry all her stuff and sometimes her friends stuff during school and shell force him to follow them to the mall so he can carry theyre stuff around at the there too, she made him buy her 20 x-mas gifts all within a price range of 200-600 dollars and she only gave him a pack of gum, outside of school she sometimes makes him carry her to werever she wants to go instead of driveing her unless shes going somewere with friends, when there at his house she forces him to lick her feet and pu*** untill she **** and if she doesnt she torchers his ballz for 3 hours strait *she only **** 3 times out of wat he guesses has been 81*, has him dress in a slave leia costume during the weekends

normaly this stuff would be sending off single that he should end it but he keeps saying that he agrees to go through all this becuse they aperantly "love" eachother how do i make him realize that this girl is useing him as a pussy whipped slave and doesnt love him

also wen i say slave i dont meen slave like chained up being beaten ect i meen slave as he does watever his gf wants despite how she treats him back
that sounds horrible the girls a ***** for taking advantage of his good nature. He should dump her and make him see sense that she doesn't love him she's just using him. Poor boy
What should I do about this beautiful, yet demanding girl?
So I started dating this really high maintenance girl. On one hand I feel really lucky for getting this Goddess and I am quite scared that I may lose her if I don't stay on her good side, but on the other hand I know she is used to having boys at her beck and call and I don't want to also end up a pussy whipped slave.

How do you think I should deal with this dilemma? Do you believe that a little beating in case she crosses a certain line would be recommended (mobsters seem to be able to keep their girls even if they beat the s*** out of them every now and then)?
Yes. If that b*tch isnt making you a sandwich one day, beat her. Thats the law.
What should I do about this beautiful but hard to please girl?
So I started dating this really high maintenance girl. On one hand I feel really lucky for getting this Goddess and I am quite scared that I may lose her if I don't stay on her good side, but on the other hand I know she is used to having boys at her beck and call and I don't want to also end up a pussy whipped slave.

How do you think I should deal with this dilemma? Do you believe that a little beating in case she crosses a certain line would be recommended (mobsters seem to be able to keep their girls even if they beat the s*** out of them every now and then)?
Number 1 rule of a relationship, the more u want a girl, the more u won't have her. The best thing to do is not to really care! The more u care, the more a girl runs away. There is always a push-pull in a relationship, always let the girl chase after you which equals attraction, the more u chase her, the more you look desperate and the more she loses interest in you. Set the boundaries and don't let her step over it! A girl loves a guy with boundaries, never be a push over and give a girl the red carpet treatment!

Some of my old friends where models who dated allot of models which they told me they would never date anymore models cause they are 2 high maintenance! You want a girl that u don't have to worry about 24/7 with little maintenance!

You have to ask yourself the question, if you dating a girl on looks, it's all good for short term but it will never last long term. For a long term, go for personality over looks and someone that is low maintenance otherwise you will be a very unhappy person with a high maintenance girl. It's your happyness in the long run...
What is so wrong about being completely whipped?
I love being whipped by my girlfriend. Knowing she has me owned and wrapped around her little finger is a huge turn on.

Why do people look down on men who love being slaves to their girlfriend. And what is so wrong about a girl having more than one slave at a time to amuse herself with?
It turns you on that she has your nuts in a vice, that's dumb.
What do I do if I'm "whipped"?
My friends have called me a tool, a slave, whipped, and other terms. Basically, I do whatever this girl tells me to without any rewards or payback. She always complains about being alone and desperate even though I asked her out to homecoming. Whenever I talk to her, she doesn't listen to me, but I listen to every word that rolls off her lips. I know every one of her classes while she still doesn't know my first period after asking me seven times. She borrows money without paying back and steals my laptop even when I am working on an assignment. In addition, there are many older guys that come to my and her's 6th period for no apparent reason to talk to her and often give her presents. What do I do in this situation?
You're being used.
Just don't take it from her anymore. If you aren't in a relationship with her, or close to one, don't even bother with her anymore.

However if there is a relationship or potential. I think it's okay to be "whipped" to a certain degree. You do these things because you want to do them, not because she asks you. You want to do things for her, you like her, you like making her happy, comfortable, or whatever. Treat her like an egyptian goddess.

But there is a difference between being whipped and used. Being whipped the other person would do things for you too if you asked. However would is the key word here. You wouldn't ask your goddess to do something like that for you. Being used is... well being used, treated as dirt. "If you aren't there, they won't care."
Dis slave owners enjoy beating the slaves?
I the book I ameeading a girl who is crippled says that the plantation guy liked to whip and eat the elderly and the crippled slaves more. That he enjoyed it. Was this true or was this something the author threw in the book to make it more interesting??
Some slave owners were very sadistic. I mean, think what it's like to totally own another person. You could rape a slave, torture him/her, even kill a slave, they belonged to you and were yours to do with as you please. So yeah, I'm sure some owners got off on being cruel to slaves.

But mostly they were treated with indifference. They were worth a lot of money so you wouldn't want to hurt them permanently and make them lose their value. Of course elderly and crippled slaves might be seen the way we see welfare recipients today, as useless and worthless, just a drag on the economy.
Where can I find more stories like this one? Scary ones, interesting ones, weird ones, anything is great!..?
In 1833, after several neighbors allegedly saw her cowhiding a young servant girl in the mansion's courtyard, rumors began to spread around town that Mme. LaLaurie treated her servants viciously. According to one tale, a young slave girl had been brushing Mme. LaLaurie's hair in the upstairs bedroom when the young servant hit a snag in her mistress's hair, causing LaLaurie to become enraged. Mme. LaLaurie whipped the twelve year old slave girl, who tried to escape but fell off a balcony overlooking the courtyard, ending her life. The girl was quickly brought into the LaLaurie Mansion, but not before being observed by neighbors, who would file a complaint. The neighbors would later assert that the young girl was buried under a tree in the yard.

The legalities of the situation were handled by Judge Jean Francois Canonge, a friend of the LaLauries, who had visited the house on a previous occasion concerning the welfare of the LaLaurie servants. The LaLaurie slaves were confiscated to b
that was good if you find more plz let me know your source
What is the title of a movie about a love story during the civil war shown on tv?
I can only remember a few things about the movie. It was based in the South. The guy was from a rich plantation family, the girl from a poor farm family. They get married and the girl lives with the guy's family while he is at war. During the movie the girl tries to teach a young slave boy to read and the mother-in-law finds out and lines all the slaves in front of the plantation house and the matron of the house has the mother of the boy whipped. The master of the house is having an affair with the slave boy's mother. The daughter-in-law rides off to see her hubby at war and gets thrown from her horse. Gets back to the plantation house and miscarries as she is walking up the stairs. In one scene the girl is sitting in a bedroom with the window open and the matron walks and closes the window the girl says "...it's so hot I'm sweating." The matron replies "...pigs sweat, men perspire and ladies glisten (or never sweat).".
I could be wrong but I think it was "North and South"...
My boyfriends friends think he's whipped, he thinks im "work?"?
one of my very good friends who's also my boyfriends friend told me his friends think he's whipped. Now I know whipped means hed do anything i told him to, which i think is flattering but its making his friends jokingly pick on him (another one of his friends is also whipped and they have a fun time picking on his gf who has him by the balls, but what can he do, she's hot too ;D ). Then his friend told him "I thought work and your girlfriend were the same thing"...obviously he's told his friends that I'm like a chore to him, or that he tries so hard to impress me or do things for so i dont get emotional. Also I ask for a lot of sex and I feel like he's become my sex slave (i've toned things down for a while so that should be ok). I know I might be demanding about the sex once in a while and he has to put up with my emotions (i give him silent treatment and I get angry and he always asks why im pissy). I should work on that of course. I'm just wondering why his friends would think I'm like work, and I give him space on the weekends to have bro time...but obviously he tells them things about me (theyre all really close, but we've been together longer than they have been around for him lol). He's always been really sweet to me, comforting me, his character changes when hes around me (he tries less to put up a tough front, lets it all go and gets all cute, laughs like a little guy). So I don't understand why he would say these things to his friends, is it because he's trying to defend his ego or does he have unhappy feelings about me? What should I do?
We've been dating for a year and a half, known each other for 2, but you can't always know about a person wholly unless its been like 7 or 8, thats just my opinion.

P.S. No random anti-feminist things about girls being prissy and demanding, I'm being serious here. I just want to know what goes on in a guys mind, especially with a girl he hangs out with a lot.
Thank you!
Since your not married you should only see each other max 3 times a week. Trust me thats a lot anymore and you each don't get to be "you". Guessing your under 18, so your at the age where personal growth is the most important thing. And try to masturbate more if your demanding sex. The more you hang out the more it becomes routine and that initial spark begins to dim, Less is more.

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