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What kind of websites do u surf & what kind of content you like most?
Is it p*rn? Mp3z? Movies? Games? Nude Celeb pics & vids? Softwares?

I'm planning to start a website. I'd like to know wat content shall get me tremendous amount of clicks?
www. and all of it's many links!
Your opinion on celebrity nudity?
What is your opinion on celebrities appearing and/or posing nude. Does this make an otherwise respectable celebrity (if such a thing does exist) lose some respectability in your eyes? For example, a favorite A-list celeb appears naked in a movie, how does this affect your opinion of them? How much does the level of nudity play into your opinion?
I really couldn't care less... they're just living their lives, and they've only got that one life to live. If they want to pose nude with a boyfriend or husband, or if they get caught half naked, and it gets posted everywhere, it's not their fault. They were just being normal. I respect them still.

I lose respect for the media, though. They really hype up naked celebrities. Lame.
For the ladies: which races AND nationalities of men do you find to be the sexiest? The least sexy? WHY?
I find myself most attracted to Australians, Brazilians, Scots, English-Canadians and Israelis. Generally, I LOVE the typical masculine statue of a man -- tall, strong, powerful and completely sexual. Dark features only add to these ones, and green eyes enhance the dark features. Some of my favourites are ...
Gerard Butler
Oded Fehr
Dominic West
David Beckham
Christian Bale
- - - -
And I normally don't find Italians and black men attractive. The Italians I've met were loud, complaintive and sometimes too "pretty". And black men..have big lips lolll. Sorry!
So how about you?
I do find many Italian men to be super-sexy and attractive. The ones I know are nice guys, not the type you write about.

I don't find too many sexy and attractive Irish guys...but there are exceptions to that.
Theyre letting vanessa hudgens play a role in HS3 rite?
thats wat i heard anyway even after the whole nude photo scandal. do u think this is goin to hav a pretty bad impact on the disney movie? i nvr watched any of em but yea lol. she nvr hit me as some1 who would do something like that. its so dumb. and it really isnt bcuz shes a celeb no1 should do stuff like this or it gets public and then ur f8cked.
Full Stories and Censored pics…
Why would a "supporter" of gay-rights post degrading pics further expressing degrading image of homosexuality?
i am someone that does not watch much tv so in order to get news and some celeb gossip i skim over PEREZHILTON a few times a week and today i was very shocked to find nude and VERY explicit photos of oscar winning screenwriter for the movie "milk." now i know he was in the wrong for even making pics and a sex video in the first place but for perez, having one of the most popular gossip websites in the world, to post up those pics causing them to have more publicity. that does not help conservative america want to legalize gay marriage or stop the negativity and slander toward homosexuals. i wanted to know what other people think (gay or straight) about this. i think he is being a giant hypocrite and is setting back this "movement" he is trying to help towards equality.

is it perez's prerogative to post those pics?

is he in the wrong and is helping to tarnish the view of gays?

lemme know what you think.
Everything that indicates lack of decency gives further fuel to those who would have the world believe that gay = indecent.

Things like this only hurt the lgbt cause, and should be opposed by all, gay and straight alike.

The anti gays frequently raise the issue of indecency. Too bad, but they are right!

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