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My period ended 16 days ago, me and bf did not have sex, but merely mutually masturbated.?
I fear one of our fingers may have had sperm on them. Its been 4 days since then, I took the 'morning after pill' yesterday, but I've had abdominal pain radiating around to my back, cramping sort of like menstruation and light-headed with fatigue. Any ideas?
The symptoms are caused from the pill.. You should read the side effects.. I think taking the pill was overkill.. Chances of you getting pregnant from sperm on a finger is next to nothing..
How can I get my best friend to mutually masturbate with me?
we talk about sex, masturbation, etc. pretty frequently and were both straight. he has brought the topic up before. he said that he didn't think that he would ever do it and i agreed. i was lying because i didn't want him to think bad of me. and i think he was lying too.
invite him to sleep over, tell him ur gonna go streak or so and keep saying u will if he doesn't believe you. each time kind of challenge him like how would he know if he didn't or not. Hopefully soon hell go with you or so and there ya go. This may work depending on person, but ya worked for my friend, he got me
What does it mean to mutually masturbate?
I got tested at an LGBT clinic and the doctor asked me if i do mutual masturbation with men and women.
@Funkymunk yes but not necessarily just a friend, it's just masturbation with two(or more) people either masturbating together or doing it for each other. Or non-penetrative sex.
Is it bad if 2 straight Christian guys mutually masturbate?
I want to know i kindof want to mutual.
It just means your gay.
How can i know if someone wants to mutually masturbate with me, and how do i ask?
i want to have mutual masturbation.... how do i know if someone would do it with me, and how do i ask????
What???? why not get some of ur pals I'm sure they will jump at the chance if LOL ♥
What are the chances of getting pregnant from precum and taking the plan B pill 20 hours afterwards?
My boyfriend and I mutually masturbated and some of the precum on his hands might have gotten in my vagina because he fingered me later. I took the Plan B pill 20 hours later. This morning, I had a thick, yellow discharge but it went away. Neither of us have an STI or anything. What are the chances that I am pregnant? Please no rude comments. I am only 17 and I am very worried. Thanks for the help.
Precum is entirely still game to get you pregnant, the chances of it happening from him fingering you after words (unless it was still wet on his hand) is very unlikely, and if you took the plan B pill, the odds are even lower. I wouldn't worry some strange discharge from time to time can be pretty normal.
What are the chances of getting pregnant without sex?
My boyfriend and I were messing around and we mutually masturbated each other. I don't think he had anything on his hand. Could I get pregnant?
No you cannot have sex without having sex, but if he does have sperm on his fingers and happen to insert it into you, there is a chance you can get pregnant if his sperm comes in contact with one of your eggs while ovulating.
What is the likely-hood of pregnancy without sexual intercourse?
My boyfriend and i have been dating for a year and have not had sex. We have touched each other and mutually masturbated. My period is a week late and im starting to get nervous. My breasts are tender, my face is broken out, and im having to pee a lot. Lastly, today i thought i started my period but it was only a little spot. These are all symptoms! what is the likely-hood of getting pregnant without sexual intercourse?
If sperm got near your vagina during the mutual mastrubation, it is possible. Get a pregancy test or see a Doctor. A UTI can cause frequent urination. Periods cause many women to break out as well as tender breast. Worry and stress, can delay periods.

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