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What am I considered in the Gay world?
I am 19
6 foot
not hairy, but not smooth
and into muscle daddies.

A buddy of mine and I are trying to place me. haha. Twink, otter, amateur. . . ?
I would consider you human. No real need for labels like that.
Where can a friend of mine go to get her pubic or vaginal hair styled?
her pubic hair is VERY thick and bushy.

she is interested in having it braided and having some accesory like a bow in it; maybe having it fixed to resemble the confederate flag with real diamonds embedded in her skin to take the place of the stars.

she wants to start an unusal new trend.

she wants photos taken of her "styled" pubic or vaginal hair and have them submitted to fashion magazines, movie companies, and the like..

she is a dancer of modern pop music. she has been placed in some amateur music videos. she is now being considered to dance in a real music video with some up & becoming artist. She heard that this male singer wants nothing but nude female dancers.

She's never done nude dancing, but is inow interested because she was told that it pays much better.

She wants to make pretty sure that her "BIG" hairy bush between her legs will be unique and appealing enough to open the door to stardom.
LMFAO...thanks for the laugh!!!
Amateur fifteen year-old writer seeking literary critique? Please don't be discouraged by the length?
Hello there. I'm a soon to be fifteen year old (January 23rd is the date people), and I'm writing a story on Fanfiction. I've posted this excerpt up before, but I added a few changes to it. Would you mind taking a look, and answering some questions for me? Thanks a million!

Sometimes I wish God had made me differently, that he would have taken his time creating me so that I could be a true stunning beauty. But with a semi-slender, semi-hooked nose, facial hair, and wide hips, it seems like God was in a rush. Sometimes I wish he would have taken the time to create me like he did Tyra Banks or Aishwarya Rai. They're so exotically beautiful and everyone thinks they're attractive.

So instead of a body like Aishwariya Rai, and the confidence of Tyra Banks, God gave me a set of wide hips, a hairy body, and weird feet. No boobs either. I don't think God was in a very good mood on January 23rd.

I pinch the fat that hangs off of my hip as I look at myself in the mirror.

"Look at this," I mutter to myself in disgust. "Fat, fat, fat, fat, fat!"

I turn to the side so that the profile of my body is reflected in the mirror, and suck in my stomach. Why couldn't I have abs? Why did I have to have a plush belly? And why did I have to tower over all of the boys? Why couldn't I be a tiny little pixie like Alice Cullen and Bella Swan from Twilight? It seems like guys are more attracted to those bodies than these ones.

Finally fed up with my body, I breathe out and allow my stomach return to its usual disposition (a slowly declining slope), and drop any pinched fat from my fingertips like a bad habit. Wrapping the towel around my pear shaped body, I pull out the drawers beneath the mirror and pick out a lime green volleyball shirt and a pair of Adidas shorts. My hair is still dripping from being fresh out of the shower, and it soaks my shoulders, forming little pools in the hollow bowls of my shoulders. It's no longer the warm, comforting solution that drips from my hair, but instead a freezing and ice-like one. It reminds me of the times Soraya and I went ice skating.

She would always scrape off the "snow" at the end of the blade, and dump it down my back. And then me, being the cool person that I am, would hop around the aisle like a deranged rabbit.

I uncover my body and wrap the towel around my head like a turban.

A smaller section of the honey-glazed chestnut drawers holds other articles of clothing, and I open one up to pull out my undergarments. My skin is still wet and soft, so I carefully slip in to them so that they don't roll up. I don't care what people say - cotton panties kick ***.

I look at myself in the mirror again. No doubt I've gotten taller, and my hips have widened quite a bit. I get inches upon inches taller, and yet my boobs remain the same size. Why couldn't I have big boobs like Ashley Thompson? All the guys stop in the hallways to hug her. Why can't I have big boobs?

On the counter of the drawers is tall bottle of Jergens baby lotion - just another reminder on how I'll always be a baby to my parents. The scent of Lilacs clashes with the scents of saffron, curry and cumin, and soon the room smells like a storage room for spices and perfume. However strange the scent might sound, it is entirely appetizing. I breath it in, my eyes rolling back as I open my mouth to taste the spices in the air. My mind races with thoughts of what mom has prepared in the kitchen. Quickly, I dress myself so that I can go sneak a peak at what I might savor tonight.
Its a good start...I just wonder where your going with it. You said its fanfiction so what story does it fit with? Fan of what? There is a lot of teen angst in there and it will put off a lot of readers...your going to have a limited fan base but I don't know if that matters if it fits with a story for fanfiction so I apologize if that is how its supposed to be.

I would recomend at least hinting and giving some sort of idea of whats to come. Anything that gives the readers a clue of who this is and why she is thinking like this. Where the story is going.

Also, the story jumps a lot. I know its a persons mind so its going to jump but for a story its usually easier to stick with one train of thought. Especially when introducing a character so you can get an idea of what she's like. Unless of course your trying to imply that she's scatterbrained. The only paragraph I had any real trouble with was the last one. You say the smell of lilac mixes with curry and cumin but never explain where thats coming from...what causes these smells? If its supper than just rephrase the sentences a bit so thats clear.

Lastly who is Aishwarya Rai? I've never heard of her... I'm not big into pop culture so I could just be showing my ignorance....but you should stick to comparing her to people that the general public would know.

Sorry if I sound negative this is a good story and you have talent so don't misundestand me! Its just hard to get a feel for whats going on and why this is significant without more of the story. Keep writing! Good luck!
Gay guys only please...grooming question?!?
So Later in september i am going to be doin an amateur strip night for a little cash at a gay club...i want to know like pros and cons for yall. Like Hairy legs or shaved? And what you think would be sexy to wear (underwear wise) should i go with something that is alittle more reveling or kinda a mystery?

Thanks for all the Help!!
smooth is the bigger money maker almost allways, and if you cant go totally razor smooth, use clippsers and go as short as possible, it is easier on regrowth. Dont forget you butt if there is anything thing there, get rid of it...I have always used a red or black g string under white calvin cotton boxers briefs, it shows up in club lighting better, and the slow removal if the briefs is a money maker, the anticipation start paying you to get it off once and for all. alway use a light body oil, to shine under the lights and a C-Ring is your best bet to announce your self if you get my drift, get a neoprene one that wont pinch you, and I find it helpful to NOT Jack it the day there is at least a little enthusiasm on my part...that is the key to making diggin doing it

No offense to the ladies answering, but this is about a gay mens taste...not a girls likes and dislikes.
Is 14 too young to start shaving my legs?
Hi, I'm almost 14, like a few days, and I'm wondering if this age is too young to begin shaving my legs.
During gym class, at the beach, in public, it's just humiliating to have these legs! They're not crazy hairy, they're sort of a mild hairy, they wouldn't be so noticable if the hair was blond, but it's more a neutral brown colour.
I've shaved the hair off my bottoms of my legs before, so I'm not a total amateur, and I know I can do it. But am I too young? I have a few questions:

1. Which brand of razor (not electric!) is best for a beginner like me? I'm pretty skinny, if this helps.
2. What type of lotion/foam for the legs is best? I'm not allergic to any skin products.
3. Is this too young?
4. How do I ask my Mom???

Thank you
No it's not too young, I started shaving when I was 11 and most of my friends were already shaving by then.

1. I like all of the venus razors, and the schick Intuition. Soleil is good too but sometimes I cut myself.
2. Most of the shaving creams work the same, I use skintimate though
3. No it's not too young
4. Write her a note if you are really worried about it, but if you are close with your mom just tell her blatantly that you want to start.
Should I shave my bikini area or not?
I have recently started to do some amateur modeling (figure posing) for a co-worker. I was apprehensive at first, but am now more comfortable. I started out modeling for him to sketch and paint me wearing a saree. Recently, I posed for nude paintings and sketches. He's asked me to do it again for a small group of people that he paints with and I am not sure if I should shave down there or not. I am naturally hairy and I know that some guys find this unattractive. I am posing for artistic purposes and want to know if I should shave or not. I feel funny asking my co-worker.

Here is my previous question. Thank you for the helpful answers.;…
I would shave away any excess or errant hairs, but i would leave the main thicket untouched
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