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Gay bar...?
in the song Gay Bar by Electric Six....what do they say at the beginning


it's "you"
Gay bar!!!!!!!!!!!!?
A gay guy walks into a bar and says "bartender give me a brewskie."

The bartender says, "We don't serve your kind here."

The gay continues, "I'll just sit in the corner and drink my beer and won't say anything."

The bartender says, "Well, all right!" and pours a beer.

A while later a cowboy walks in and says "Bartender give me a beer! I'm so thirsty I could lick the sweat off a cow's balls"

A voice is heard from the corner. "Moo! Moo! Buckaroo!"
LMAO... thats what u call a moo(n)ing gay... hahaha

nice joke.. thanx for sharing
In a gay bar,why do many male bartenders love to be shirtless?How many % of them are gay?
1) Comapred to straught bar, the bartenders in gar bars are more cute / handsome / hot. Many of them are even shirtless. Why?

Do gay bars prefer to hire gay men for bartender job or other positions in the bar ?

Anyway, I need to admit many gay guys are good-looking. :)
There is no way of knowing for sure, but a lot of guys just like to go shirtless to show off.
What is the current age limit to visit any gay bar in the Europe and Uk?
Im a 17 year old gay lad and i turn 18 next year, and im planning to go and visit a gay bar to celebrate it.

I was just wandering in the UK, what is the age limit to visit most gay bars in the UK and Europe?
A lot depends on which days you go and which areas etc... I would say that at 18 you will be able to find gay bars quite easily though a few maybe over 21s only.
How are Gay bars and Straight bar similar?
I am writing a comparison paper on two things people generally think are two very different things. I chose to do Gay bar and Straight Bars. I need four things that they have in common.
Alcohol consumption

Sexual playgrounds


Extrovert clientèle
How do you feel about the proposed gay bar for Islamic men next door to the Ground Zero mosque?

Pundit Greg Gutfeld is pursuing a project to start up a gay bar next door to the Ground Zero mosque, a bar that would cater specifically to Islamic gay men. Setting aside for the moment how you feel about the GZ mosque (please, that's been covered to death elsewhere) how do you feel about this proposal?
I think it's genius. Acceptance is what both communities want, and ironically the Muslim community doesn't accept homosexuality. Opening a gay bar next to a mosque will show the world how polar communities can live in harmony.
What is there to do at a lesbian bar when you're a gay guy who hates guitars and rap?
I was told we were going to a gay bar. Turns out, it's going to be this lesbian place called Yadda. I hate small-talk, girl-talk, sports, guitars, rap, ecology, politics, and Ani DiFranco. I should also add that I don't understand how a female can be seen as physically, romantically, or spiritually attractive.
LOL, just drink the booze and pretend there are lot of HOT Gay go-go boy dancers!

It takes me about 8 apple martinies to start pretending am in the Hottest Nightclub with hot guys all around.
How does it feel to go to the gay bar and how does the gay bar look like?
And are there a lot of hot guys? I wanna go to the gay bar someday, but I'm too shy to meet other guys ...
I reluctantly got talked into going to one here in Orlando with some girl neighbors I had back in my apartment was dark like a typical bar but the guys were all over each other, especially on the dance floor...the yuck factor was really high so I didn't stay long.
What was your first time in a gay bar like?
Do you remember going to a gay bar for the first time? I remember being very self conscience, imagining everyone was staring at me. I think I was expecting something from another planet but the 'worst' thing I saw was some guy trying to give another guy head on the dancefloor.

How bout you?
Yes, I was so naive. Nobody talked to me at all...I decided to get a I ordered my soda and saw these box-type things in different areas of the bar. I decided to sit down on one and started sipping my drink watching the guys go by. Next thing I know, a good looking guy in a slinky pair of undies came up and starting talking to me...I never caught on until he said to me, "Well, I better get to work now, would you excuse me so I can get up here and dance." I was mortified...I didn't even know that was where he was going to dance...I just thought he was some sort of cocktail waiter.
Is going to a gay bar alone meet new friends advisable as I'm closeted and want to break into the scene?
Tomorrow's Sat and I thought as part of my 'coming out' process I'd head to a gay bar, but going alone may look a bit dodgy. Will I be sending the wrong type of message across?
A lot of people go alone but then again those are usually the ones who look lonely, desperate and a little unsavory. I agree with Louie: go with some friends, str8 or gay. Unless you're a REALLY REALLY extroverted, self-confident type, going alone to a gay bar can be a bit of a culture shock, if not a blow to your self-confidence if all you do is be a wallflower all night.

Again, if you're the type to just GO and throw yourself into a crowd without a care in the world as to what others think of you and a "whatever happens happens" attitude, then good for you. I wish I could be like that. But until you get more comfortable in the culture, I'd use the buddy system (go with some friends.)

And generally, people go to gay bars to either (1) drink or (2) take home a one-night-stand or sometimes both. Not very good foundational material upon which to build friendships. Other social groups for your local LGBT community center, gay books clubs, movie clubs, volunteer groups, exercise clubs, bowling leagues, etc. are going to give you a better pool of quality to pull from for friendships than a gay bar.

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