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How to be a T.A.B (Trendy Asian *****)?
If you tell me to stay the way i am, and quit being a wanna be, then STFU.
Go to
You can easily look up "asian fashion".

Asian girls dress all the same here.
A&F, Uggs, etc.

Asian dudes here dress skater/gangster.
My friend tyla has an asian *****, im extreamly racist and i dont know what to do about it.. help!?
i have a hardXcore crush on him.
That's cuz you're a *****!
A asian girl who i took on a date made me take off my shoes when we went to her house?
should i dump her for this, asian peoples cutlure is ridiculas i mean she made me take off my shoes... its stupid, pathetic and worthless

plus if i marry her my guys will suck at sports

im dumping this asian *****

i mean what the hell i like my nikes over my own mother

this is so ridiculous.
Yeah, dump her, save her the trouble of having to dump you first.

Honestly? Wow, jerk. No point in ruining carpet for an idiot, is there?

And learn how to spell. You call her stupid, pathetic and ridiculous? Talk about hypocrite.
Why do Liberals hate Asian people so much?
They hate Asian males especially. Why is this? Liberals are filled with hate and prejudice. No self-respecting Asian male is a liberal. I see so many left-wing Asian women and they hate Asians they hate Asian males and even hate Asian women who arent married to white men. **** self-hating bitches. Im Asian and I have to deal with it. Like it or not. Atleast until they make a machine to change my race. If I could get a race change i might consider one.
Because Asians are easy targets for them to use as scapegoats.
I've notice that most of the women here hate asian women while most of the guys prefer them?
Is it mere jealousy? I don't understand it. Especially the nasty remarks about them having bodies of a little boy or are only liked because they are 'submissive and do whatever you tell them to'

Pretty degrading remarks from people that probably never even met an asian person before. Maybe if you would fix your "I'm a ***** and proud of it" attitude men would be more welcoming.

No need to be so bitter ladies.
here here!!! I loved the brutal truth of your compliment..."Maybe if you would fix your "I'm a ***** and proud of it" attitude men would be more welcoming." I do greatly appreciate asian women. They are pretty, instructed well in how to care for their famliy in understanding everyones role in the family. and they have some of the hottest legs I've ever seen! ha ha. But I say, the way you act as a women....then you get what you deserve!
I have a fake facebook for this pretty asian girl and i need a picture of an asian girl with paper in her hand?
i have a fake facebook for this asian girl and some ***** says shes not real. (although she isn't) so she wants proof. i need a picture of a pretty asian with long hair and bangs to the side with a piece of paper in her hand. if you find one please answer. that would be appreciated. (:
The Hamburglar likes. I may even send you the picture myself and then log in and check it out when The Hamburglar is feeling frisky. Your facebook will be a success with a pretty asian girl on it. A pretty asian girl with a piece of paper in her hand is even better......only if that pages say's ##ck me on it.

-You've just been sacked by The Hamburglar
Called me an asian whore?
So my friend (well not friend for sure anymore) Victoria( not to be racis she is white)
well she mainly hates me. Like everybody else does :D haha.
She is REALLYYY super racis. For no reason.

She told me one day after school " you know what would be funny? if all the asians suddenly died one day?" Etc. Kept pushing my buttons! I swear I was so close to jump her ***...

She always uses the "n" word. Basically she hates every race.
My friend David told me she called me an asian whore?
I don't see how I'm a whore? Sure I have a lot of guy friends. But their just my friends. they have my back. They hate her to :)

Apparently I start drama?She was up in my buisness. I didn't tell her anything of what I'm going through(the time I was at the doctors a ton of times for founding out I do have depression.) she saying "oh this asian ***** just wants friends" Etc.

While she "cuts" herself ( i see no scars. and she wears short shorts and shirts. Again i see nothing) over deciding which guy to go out? When like a day ago she said she loves her boyfriend and will always be with him? HUH?Oh my friends(all guys :D) love to make fun of her. She is a wannabe "scene?" and all that. its hilarious :D

I'm not saying all "white" is like this. nothing close to that. I'm not racis at all. I would hate myself for that.

Just how do I deal with her? With her racisim. Lies. Confusion? I'm stuck in the same high school with her. I know its a rare chance to see her in a big high school. But knowing she is near..makes me want to beat her.
let your inner black girl come out

get some vaseline
get a knife
take out your earings
pull back your hair
put on a bunch of rings

Should i be upset that my boyfriend calls me *****?
I am Asian and my boyfriend is American and when we get intimate, he likes to talk dirty which i find okay like words like f*** but when he calls me bi*** i feel embarrass. Should i take it seriously? How can i overcome the embarrassment?
I would just tell him that calling you that isn't cool. Tell him you don't mind the dirty talk, but calling you stuff like that is a turn-off.
This is a question you must answer yourself.

A therapist can help you with it if it's a problem.

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